Tapping into Wealth – Book Review

I recently finished reading a book called “Tapping into Wealth” by Margaret M. Lynch.

The book is about something called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how you can use it to improve your financial situation.

You may have heard of EFT before. It’s a technique in which you tap on acupuncture points while you speak about whatever issue you want to work on. It can be used as a healing tool to work through past trauma. It can be used to help you lose weight. And in the case of this book, it can be used to work on any blocks or limiting beliefs related to money.

According to neuroscience, about 15% of your mind is conscious, while the rest is subconscious. On page 13 of the book, it explains how your powerful subconscious mind is resisting your conscious desire to make more money. You may have blocks or limiting beliefs from your childhood and/or traumas that are related to money and affecting your current money situation.

Chapter 2 starts on page 15 and goes over the basics of tapping. Page 20 gives you a visual diagram of tapping points. The tapping points could easily be found on the internet or youtube as well. I must warn you that it seems a little strange at first but I encourage you to try it a few times to see what you think.

The rest of the book goes through several topics related to income, debt, savings, and much more. Each chapter contains tapping scripts so you have some guidance on what to say. You can of course add your own words and tailor it to your own specific situation if you need to. I found the scripts to be very thorough and I didn’t have to add a lot as I was going through the book myself. Some chapters also instruct you to write certain things down on a piece of paper, such as your current income and your financial goals. At the end of each chapter there is a link to a website that contains a short video related to that chapter. I didn’t watch the videos until I was nearing the end of the book but I wish I had watched every one of them because they were very helpful.

When I first started reading the book, I was really unsure if I had any blocks or limiting beliefs that were holding me back from making the money I desire to make. But as I read through the book, I had a lot of mind blowing realizations that my childhood and past traumas may be affecting me more than I think. I do feel like the book helped me in many ways. It was very insightful and I got a lot of information from it. I highly recommend the book.

Please comment below if you have read the book. I’d love to hear your opinions.

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