Making the most of small spaces

Last year I downsized into a smaller house. I was living in a huge 3,000 square foot house with enormous amounts of storage. It had large closets, a walk in pantry, a large laundry room with 4 walls of shelving, a 2 car garage with a storage attic above plus a regular attic, a shed, and a huge kitchen with lots of cabinets. It was great to have all of that storage but it was also a lot of wasted space. I’m currently living in a 1250 square foot house that feels very cramped and cluttered in comparison. Since my storage is now very limited, I have to make the best use of the smaller spaces.

The first thing I had to do was get rid of a lot of items that I wasn’t using anymore. I donated what I could to charity and threw the rest away. I probably could have sold the items that I gave to charity but that would have been pretty time consuming. I work multiple part-time jobs and I just don’t have the time to do that. I decided to donate what I could to my local Salvation Army since I know the items will directly benefit my community. The local center has a homeless shelter and an attached store filled with donated items. Money they make in the store helps pay for the shelter. They also give homeless families vouchers to get free clothing in the store.

When I moved in, I went to Home Depot to see what storage solutions they had in stock. Here is type of stuff I found:

I really love the hanging shelves. I hung one under a shelf in the front entrance closet. On the wall I also put bins for my Dyson attachments, and some hooks for the dog leashes. It made a huge difference and now I can find stuff!

I also got hanging bins for the inside of kitchen cabinets. They are great for small items such as tupperware lids and cookie cutters.

And don’t forget about that empty space above the kitchen cabinets.

These are great examples but you get the idea.

Share any space saving ideas you have in the comments below!

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