Decorating for the holidays without spending a lot of money

Every year I decorate my house for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. I always try to keep the spending as reasonable as possible. I’d rather spent my budgeted money on Christmas presents than Christmas decorations.

I think the biggest money saver of all time is to keep whatever decorations I buy for use in future years. I have some ornaments that I’ve had for 15+ years. I like to decorate my tree with a color theme. My favorite color scheme is aqua and blue and silver. This is the only picture I could find of that tree. It’s a little blurry.


I’ve used a red and silver color scheme in the last few years. It seems to be the most popular in my house.



This year I saved myself a ton of time and aggravation and bought a pre-lit fake tree. I bought a cheap one for $39 at WalMart. I could have spent more money on a nicer one with LED lights but I didn’t feel the need. Fake trees usually don’t last at my house for more than 3-4 years anyway. I’ve had trees start to lean over within a few years as they wear out. One year I bought a more expensive nicer one and my son’s friend’s dog peed on it the second year I had it! He lifted his leg right up and peed on it as if he were outside. So that was the last time I spent any significant amount of money on a fake tree. Sometimes I buy real trees. Lowe’s usually has good prices on real trees. They can be a little bit of a hassle but they smell so good.

This year I decided to keep it simple and buy the $39 fake tree. I didn’t have to buy any new lights since the tree was pre-lit. I used only ornaments from prior years so I didn’t need to buy any ornaments. I did have to buy a star for $12 because the one I’ve had for over 15 years fell apart. I decided not to decorate any other parts of my house other than the Christmas tree and a wreath for the front door (I already had it from a prior year). I do have little decorative Christmas pieces that I sometimes put around my house but I wanted to keep it simple this year.




This year’s tree is definitely not my prettiest tree but I’m not trying to impress anyone with a perfect tree anyway. If I were having dinner parties and holiday gatherings planned at my house this month I probably would’ve put more effort into it.

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